Welcome to the dance and sports school for athletes, amateurs and dance professionals

led by the international class choreographer

Alexey Jeleznyakov

classes in a dance and sports school for figure skaters
  • we offer thematic dance training sessions for figure skaters, rhythmic gymnastics and synchronised swimming athletes
  • comfortable locker rooms and large equipped dance halls
  • dance lessons and master classes in various actual styles with author's choreography from each teacher
  • improvement and creation of sports programmes
  • photos and videos from events which are made by professional sports photographers
classes at the dance and choreography school
  • professional choreographers, including those working in the Eteri Tutberidze group
  • general physical training and special physical training teachers
  • modern and classical dance teachers
  • sports psychologist
  • sports massagist
  • Events

    In our school, we regularly conduct classes in choreography (classical dance), conduct classes in various modern types of dance (modern jazz, hip-hop, etc.) for both beginners and amateurs, and for professionals - for children and adolescents. We work with various age groups, individual programs and classes. Fees and workshops.

    Also in our studio works such specialists like - a sports psychologist, a sports masseur; general physical training and special physical training teachers, ice training specialist - if you need to improve the technique of jumping, rotation, track steps. A specialist in staging and sliding will help you come up with and work out an image, make the full program.