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    Stretching in figure skating

    Stretching is a very important and integral part of training. Stretching’s role is very important, since good athlete flexibility is required not only in figure skating or gymnastics, but also in other sports.

    For example, in figure skating, a good stretch allows you to show beautiful lines, perform spectacular elements. Rotations, spirals or steps - while performing these basic elements, the score will always be higher with the correct, light and soft execution, and this cannot be achieved without stretching preparation. Stretching also makes the muscles and ligaments elastic, and this is another guarantee to reduce injuries while performing elements on ice.

    Rhythmic gymnastics is also inseparable from this type of training of athletes: almost all the elements are somehow related to the ability to be flexible.

    During choreography classes, the absence or insufficiency of stretching is immediately noticeable, for example, ductility and amplitude in movements decrease.

    Stretching exercises should be performed regularly. It is important that a qualified specialist conduct classes on stretching - this is a guarantee of the correct implementation of the exercises, guaranteed and safe to obtain the desired result.