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    Sports psychologist in figure skating

    A sports psychologist is a professional who combines the directions of social and general psychology. The help of such specialist in sport area is very important because the coach cannot fully assume this role. People are often wary about psychologists, however, this specialist is just special coach assistant. The psychologist works individually or with a group, with athletes of different sports.

    For example, one of the tasks of a sports psychologist is preparing for the competition and rehabilitation after them: relieving anxiety (poor sleep, tantrums, overexcitation on the eve of the competition, and much more), motivation, minimizing stress. After all, not everyone becomes champions; for some, defeat in competitions sometimes becomes a tragedy. A sports psychologist will help overcome emptiness and tune in to further work.

    Or it can be such situation: a child who has been involved in sports for a long time brings home the news: "I will not go to training anymore." He motivates the refusal of classes by the fact that he is difficult, tired, bored ... There are many different reasons. When a lot of time and effort has already been invested, parents can take such a statement with hostility. Cope with this crisis alone without a specialist is not easy.

    In the whole world it is already considered generally accepted to involve a sports psychologist in a team. This is also their merit: the will to win and amazing athletic performance in competitions.