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    Choreography is the basis for figure skating. Choreography provides a huge palette of possibilities for expressing any image.

    Classes in choreography include classical exercises - the position of the legs and arms, posture exercises, various dance exercises. At the same time, the athlete develops coordination of movements, hearing, a sense of rhythm, a musical taste is brought up.

    Classes include various types and directions of dance. Thanks to this, it is possible to put any program. Each athlete seeks to ride in different images, make the most of choreography, because modern figure skating makes the maximum demands on the presentation of the program.

    The execution of complex technical elements has long been insufficient to recognize the athlete's skill. It is necessary to feel the music and to convey its secret meaning with movements, and to bring the soul into the executable program. And it happens that a vivid and memorable representation of the image can save the result of not the most successful performance.