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    Important information for skaters, coaches and parents of athletes.

    Coaches and parents turn to us for creating programs for skaters very often.

    Due to the catastrophic shortage of ice choreographers, you are constantly forced to rack your brains in search of good specialists.

    So, we inform you that now we have all the resources so that at one point your problem is resolved.

    The list of this unique option includes:

    • Search for a director directly on ice for you
    • Search for musical material
    • Selection of the image suitable for the athlete
    • Drawing costume sketches for the set program
    • Sewing a costume for a program from Vipskate company
    • Complete training of choreography and emotional component

    At the moment, we have a base of ice directors and choreographers to work out programs and, of course, our tailoring studio specializing in figure skating, rhythmic gymnastics and various types of floor dance.

    What you need to do:

    1) Call our administrator or send a request by e-mail

    +7 (977) 300-00-72


    2) Provide information: age of the child, rank, what program should be made (short or free skating), musical preferences (style, tempo, lyrics).

    3) Wishes for the costume (style, colors, image).

    4) Name and contact details.

    5) List the items from the full package of services that you want to use.